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INTERACTIVE BROKAGE ACCOUNT or how to secure your private placement program

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INTERACTIVE BROKAGE ACCOUNT : Secure your private placement program

keeping control of your funds

Secure your private placement program by keeping control of your funds

An Interactive Brokage Account is a bank account dedicated to trading and private placement programs. This account is open to the customer and on behalf of the customer, only he has the power to interact on this account.

Today it is the one and only solution that guarantees the absence of risk for the investor. Rather than moving his money to a trader’s account, he moves his money to that dedicated bank account. This account is interactive, and searchable as a 24:24 web banking, the customer manages the evolution of its portfolio and decides itself the management of the payment of its interests.

This new 2018 not only brings much more security and transparency, but greatly simplifies access to programs with 100% controlled risk.

The investor participates directly on guide and with the trader and hedge fund program manager to manage his portfolio.

Interactive accounts are not only reserved for cash portfolios, but also for financial instruments (BG, SBLC, MTN, SKR …..).

These interactive accounts not only make it possible to secure the investor, but also to make him aware of the veracity or otherwise of his assets and to avoid attempts to fraud with fake financial instruments or block funds of convenience. This new system will therefore naturally regulate the dishonest approach of some investors and secure serious investors.

Interactive accounts are available to investors with an investment portfolio starting at 25M €.

In addition, these interactive accounts are available in many countries and continents, thus avoiding in many cases that the capital leaves the country where the investor belongs.

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