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Our actions in the alternative finance market


Certification offers for saf marketplace

Professional qualifications and qualifications require a good understanding of the knowledge and specialized skills needed to work with a high degree of competence in a field as complex as alternative finance. Annual changes or requirements ensure competence and knowledge and evolution of financial markets. As in every profession, certification and qualification help and secure investors and financial companies on opening a business discussion.

The publication of an advertisement in the marketplace provides a level of security that guarantees the advertiser’s good identity, his mastery of the subject and his financial stability to execute the terms of his advertisement.

Certification for Financial Company and for  Investor

The publication of a guaranteed “certified” or ” reguled ” announcement in addition to a large know-how analysable on it’s performance history.

Who can apply for certification ?

The certification is reserved for financial companies that offer financial services or investment opportunities, and qualified investors who have presented all moral, professional and financial guarantees.

The financial corporation that manages the program and the program is closely linked to obtaining certification. It is not because a financial corporation is certified with a program that its new program will necessarily be certified.

With each new “certified” announcement from a certified firm or from an investor’s request, the announcement has been subjected to extensive due diligence to obtain that rating.


Lifetime of a certification

A certification for a program is only valid for the current calendar year because of the annual changes of prerogatives in terms of financial regulation.


How to obtain certification?

You must first request the creation of a certified account.

Upon receipt of this request, you will be contacted by our certification service who will analyze with you your request. During these exchanges with our service, you will be asked to provide information about your profile and the reason for your application for certification.

At the end of these exchanges, and if the verified information is:

Positive : you will get “certified” status.
Positive, but not enough history : you will get the status “regulated”
Negative : refusal to open an account, to specify that any false information suggesting a risk of fraud, you risk an alert in our database.

The creation of a regulated account is free, but the creation of a certified account is paying.


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