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Fight against scams... Our actions in the alternative finance market

Financial Services Compliance

Supports Investors and financial institutions in delivering practical and cost-effective approaches to meet compliance demands.
Protect your business is our business

All program opportunities, trading of financial instruments that you find on the market place have been subject to compliance and control. We only allow the advertiser to post its offer or request after a thorough check that includes both identity checks and economic and financial veracity.

Why ?

In a rapidly changing financial sector where communication media are multiplying using modern means (professional networks, social networks, etc.), it is increasingly difficult for potential investors to sort out the true or the fake in offers and information to which he now has access.

The confidentiality and anonymity exercised by trading platforms facilitate the positioning of more or less honest financial companies. The multiplication of intermediaries often without prior knowledge of the market, but just attracted by easy and high commissions allows, to intensify the number of frauds and scams.

Frauds and scams are multiple and not necessarily financial,, as for example identity theft …. under the pretext of anonymity of the platform and non-solicitation, the intermediaries ask the potential investor to provide his CIS, his passport and financial information from his portfolio.


Do you know to whom you entrust your personal information ?

Watch the story below, a story unfortunately true and recent.

A potential investor, an active and ambitious business manager, contacts us to analyze his eligibility to enroll a bank guarantee in a private placement program. He explains that he buys this bank guarantee from an English company and that it will be forwarded and confirmed by Barclays of London. He also explains that he has already paid 50 000 € to get the draft of the SWIFT MT760 … already without the scam, an upfront payment for a draft, it’s not good at all …

On receipt of the draft by mail without even having to contact Barclays we detect the fraud, a bad copy ….

We inform the customer about our serious doubt, and our willingness not to respond to his request. He is skeptical and asks us to be more compliant.

After checking the English company that had more than 10 years of seniority, we see that it had changed its name and leader a few months ago. In fact, the name of the new officer corresponded to the name and passport provided to our client in his purchase contract.

We contact the manager using the phone number indicated on the contract, no problem our contact is charming and explains the origin of its funds and the reason for this sale of Bank Guarantee.

We carry out an additional check by means of the address indicated on the passport and obtain a second telephone number which we contact …. and there surprise …. we have an interlocutor who validates his identity, which confirms the information contained in his passport, but who knew nothing about the current deal and even less about the company he runs … he is angry, wonders how, he can find at the head of an English company without being aware … and how his passport can end up in our hands ….. and finally informs us that the only time in his life, that he gave his passport and his CIS, it was a platform agent of trading that had promised him very high returns on short program, but he had not given a follow-up because he had to transfer his portfolio to offshore bank account.

His passport and information simply served third-party buyers a dormant English company for several years and mounting scams.

We tried to identify the channel through the trading platform agent, but he also used the passport of someone else ……

Fraud is also on the client's side !!

Fraud is not just for fake agents or fake platforms. It is not uncommon to meet intermediaries posing as customers using fake documents and passports. All this to try to recover contacts with platforms, offered their services and going to solicit real customers …. it wastes a considerable time for everyone … and the intermediary to just win his blacklisting.

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