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Due Diligence & Compliance

Audit of financial products and instruments ... Financial company survey

Wrong analysis, or misidentification of the other party can quickly turn a financial opportunity into a financially costly operation, in terms of time and credibility.

For example, presenting a fake financial instrument to your banker can quickly damage your business relationships and cause a considerable delay in your business, in the same way as the presentation of an insolvent or rogue partner.


In parallel or in addition to our actions on the alternative finance market, at the request of our clients we perform compliances and audits on financial instruments, companies or individuals referenced or not in our market base.

In order to provide protection and security, we do extensive due diligence for our clients in the following areas:

Identification and third-party inquiry, we intervene on all types of profiles, whether they are individuals or companies.

Analysis of financial solvency, we intervene on all types of profiles, whether private individuals or companies.

Analysis of financial instruments, verification, detection of false instruments or false transmitters

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