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How to contact a trading platform ?

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Do you want to know your eligibility for a program ?
We answer you…

You want contact with a trading platform ?

not really easy...before...

PPP traderTo be clear, an investor does not contact a platform easily and directly. For reasons of regulation, authorization and confidentiality, trading platforms retain their anonymity to the general public. To integrate a program, the investor must be invited or sponsored.

How to do it ?

If you think you qualify for this type of program, that you are a qualified investor, but do not know where to go, you have 2 options :

Submit a request on SAF Market Place

Or send a letter of request to the manager of a program presented on SAF Market Place.


” These two options are made through the specific application that you will find in the SAF Market Place.”

You will be contacted directly by the program manager (s).

Please be as specific as possible on your application form:

Indicated if you are an intermediary or an investor

The type of portfolio

The value of the portfolio

The bank holding this portfolio

The nationality of the investor

And any other information you find useful when reading your request …


HIstory and informations about Private Placement Program

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