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SAF Marketplace Actions

Simplicity and security


Supports Investors and financial institutions in delivering practical and cost-effective approaches to meet compliance demands.


We are positioning ourselves as an independent regulator in a fast-growing financial market and attracting more and more investor interest.


Professional qualifications and qualifications require a good understanding of the knowledge and specialized skills needed to work with a high degree of competence in a field as complex as alternative finance.


SAF Marketplace provides secure connectivity solution between Offers and Requests

Direct Acces Market

It is a secure service that allows sophisticated private investors to position themselves directly on the marketplace offerings.

Data and Performance report

Free information on the performance of listed companies and trading plateform.

Our customer services

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Due diligence

We have dedicated transaction support team of financial and taxation due diligence specialists, who apply their strong experience.

Strategy, Analysis and Advice

we believe that our strategic advice and support can provide you with a different outlook on your business and its finances.

Protection and trusted third party

We guarantee parties full protection during a financial transaction and until the good execution of the terms of the contract.

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