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PPP and small investors ?

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PPP and small investors ?

not really easy...before...

There are various programs that allow investors who do not have sufficient financial resources to integrate a private placement program (PPP) starting at € 50,000.

The programs are slightly different with the following parameters :

Program over a period of 14 months instead of 10 months for a self-management program.
Monthly payment instead of weekly payment for self-management programs.Profitability is slightly lower.

The program is managed by a program management company and that pools the portfolios.

The procedure used by this management company is that of the trading account, that is to say that your funds do not move from the bank account of this management company.


Private placement program for small investors

The disadvantage is that your invested funds must be physically transferred to this management company and that they are blocked for a period of 14 months.

The advantage of this solution is that it allows access to a private placement program usually reserved for larger portfolios and that it allows to test on a small amount before committing to a self program management.

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