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Our actions in the alternative finance market

Regulation Markets

Regulation for alternative financial market

For a financial market to be efficient and transparent, the integrity of the market is necessary. The security and confidence of stakeholders in these markets are prerequisites for its proper functioning. Market abuse undermines integrity and undermines the confidence of investors and financial companies.

We are positioning ourselves as an independent regulator in a fast-growing financial market and attracting more and more investor and financial companies interest.

Offers and opportunities with high returns all more attractive than the others are multiplying, leaving today free room for caring people or financial companies do not have enough strong financial guarantees.

The primary objective of this regulation is to fight against fraud, by defining a quality standart that aims to become a reference on the market.

In this marketplace, you will only find offers and requests that have been subject to extensive compliance and validation.

You will find 2 levels of qualification:

Reguled offers

These offers have been satisfactorily complied with, but because of their youth who have not been able to present a positive history, or customer recommendation.

Certified offers

These offers have been satisfactorily complied with and have been able to present a positive history and customer recommendations.

The publication of an advertisement in the marketplace provides a level of security that guarantees the advertiser’s good identity, his mastery of the subject and his financial stability to execute the terms of his advertisement.

A guaranteed certified ad in addition to a great know-how analysable on its performance history.

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