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Information for Sellers: The security that using our Escrow Service brings

We can provide a safe, secure and confidential method of selling your commodities, products or services quickly and efficiently without the need for complicated and expensive Letters of Credit. Or even riskier, or entering into and invoicing customers you have not dealt with before, without knowing they have the funds.

Escrow provides a totally safe and secure method of ensuring that you get paid with absolutely no risk of losing your goods and therefore endangering your business.

No letters of credit required

Letters of credit often slow down transaction or even worse, prevent them from happening. Buyers in the current economic climate may not be credit worthy. They may have a difficult relationship with their Bankers preventing a Letter of Credit being issued. Issuing costs for all financial instruments including LC’s, BG’s and SBLC’s have increased dramatically over the last few months. None of this matters if you insist on your buyers paying via Escrow.


Banking Crisis

International Banks are going through very difficult times. This can make selling your goods or services very difficult. Many Companies fail everyday as Banks no longer provide the financial support Companies need during this time. By using our Escrow service your reliance on your Bank will become less and less over time. There is one reality with Escrow. If your buyer has the funds he can easily confirm this via our Escrow Account with our Bankers. This can be arranged quickly and efficiently. If your customer is not able to prove funds to us, you can forget the enquiry and move on.

International Trade limitations

The latest Global crisis has re-established a world order for trading differently. Developing nations whether that be financially or mineral / commodity rich have not yet still the tools to maximise their potential. By using the Chartmore specifically designed Escrow system, new international markets can be established which would not have been necessarily previously available allowing sellers who have product and buyers who have funds where ever they are to trade successfully.


Escrow transactions are fast, efficient and risk free. This is simply achieved by us establishing that the buyer actually has the funds available to buy your product. Often a customer will provide a Bank reference proving he has the funds to be able to purchase today. However, in these difficult economic times that may not be to true tomorrow. Using our Escrow system we can arrange for the buyer’s funds to be blocked from the start for an agreed period of time ensuring payment.

Speed and efficiency

We can complete transaction large and small within 5 working days. This helps cash flow, use of valuable time and enables you to employ less staff chasing bad debts and more staff developing your business interests.

Acquire your customer, keep your customer

There is one reality in business; bad payers constantly shop around for new suppliers. An often friendly new and potential customer may suddenly turn bad during the course of a transaction. Chartmore’ s Escrow system ensures that a process for purchase is agreed from the start maintaining good relations for ongoing and lasting business.

Time Wasters

Every business has its share of time wasters. Entrepreneurs spend many valuable hours every week on customers and clients who do not have the funds for a successful sale. The Chartmore Escrow system ensures you only transact with buyers who have already demonstrated they have the money already removing time wasters from your life.

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